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30 minute cardio workout

About Gede Foster Gede is currently Head of Fitness at FIIT, the No.1 rated fitness app in the UK App Store. She made the transition from physical to digital in early 2019 to play her part in delivering the very ambitious Fiit mission: to get everybody moving. Prior to Fiit Gede spent 7 years as the Creative Master trainer at Frame building and delivering an in-house education program for over 300 instructors, designing 28 fitness concepts and choreographing over 50 class releases.

For Gede it was a natural progression to transition into the fitness industry and share the feeling of empowerment and ownership through movement. Helping women to better understand their bodies and achieve things they never thought they could. Gede loves to explain the ‘why’ to create autonomy, to arm people with the ability to modify exercises for their unique body types no matter if they workout with or without her. Seeing how much it helps people to not only strengthen their bodies, but also their minds motivates Gede to keep learning and keep sharing. Shop Under Armour

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