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Store reopening: Welcoming you back to Next safely

We are now starting to gradually re-open our stores. For the latest store opening times, please check our Store Locator.

To protect our customers and colleagues, and to ensure we follow government guidelines, we've introduced social distancing and hygiene measures in our stores. To help you understand the changes we have made, please click here.

I’ve bought something from a store that I want to return?

You can now make a free, contactless return to any open Next store at the checkout. For items purchased before our store closures, please ensure you bring along your receipt as proof of purchase. We will accept returns purchased 35 days prior to store closure (22/03/2020).

I’ve bought something from a store on my nextpay / Next 3step account that I want to return?

You can now make a free, contactless return to any open Next store at the checkout.  Alternatively, you can either arrange for a courier to collect your items by logging into the My Account area, then selecting ‘Arrange a Return’ or call ‘Selfserve’ on 0800 587 7758.

We open every day online, with a daily limit in place  

We are limiting the number of warehouse colleagues working at any time, so that we can operate our warehouse safely at this time.  This means we will limit the number of customer orders we can take each day.  We will open each day, and stop taking orders for that day once we hit the daily limit, until the following morning when we will re-open again.

After the daily limit has been reached, you will still be able to browse (but not purchase) on the website.  You will be able to add products to your favourites wish list.

In addition, we are currently extending our delivery times to help stagger workload for our warehouse and logistics colleagues.  We apologise for any inconvenience but we hope you will understand.  You can see your delivery date once you reach the checkout pages, and keep an eye on your delivery through the 'Order Tracking' section on 'My Account'.

We will continue to review this position in line with the latest guidance and will keep you updated.


Returns, Refunds & Gift Cards

How do I make a return?

You can make a return free in any of our open next stores, via Hermes courier collection or through the Royal Mail.  For further information, please click here

We will generate a refund / credit your account. For NextPay / Next 3 Step accounts within 7 working days, Debit/Credit card & PayPal payments will be credited within 12 working days.

I’ve been issued a refund card, how can I redeem it?

You can redeem your refund cards at any open Next store.  Unfortunately, a refund card cannot be used to purchase items online or as a payment method for a nextpay or next3step account. However, it is valid for 24 months from the date of issue. Please refer to the back of the card for our terms and conditions.

I have a gift card - how can I spend it?

The Gift Card is valid for 24 months and can be used online or in any of our open stores.

Online shopping and deliveries

How much is delivery and returns?

As per our standard terms and conditions, we are charging £3.99 for home delivery and £2 returns charge for courier collection from your home.

I have nextUnlimited - what does this all mean for me?

Your nextUnlimited pass will work as normal, giving you unlimited delivery at no extra charge.  We have extended subscription lengths by 7 weeks to cover the period we were closed online, plus the period we were offering free delivery before we closed, so nextUnlimited customers would not miss out. For impacted customers, new ‘valid until’ dates are visible in your ‘My Account’ area.

Hermes Delivery App (Coronavirus response) - For fashion items, or smaller home furnishings

Following the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK, Hermes has put in place a number of measures to protect their customers and colleagues. Public Health England guidance advises that viruses like this one (COVID-19) cannot survive for long on parcels or boxes, and so receiving parcels does not create an extra risk to health. Given this, there is currently no impact on Hermes parcel delivery services, however, you will see some changes in how they are delivering our parcels to you in order to reduce physical contact.

You can benefit from all of the changes below by downloading the new Hermes App from either the App Store or the Google Play Store

You can divert your Next parcel to a safe place

A ‘safe place’ is a designated place where couriers can pick-up or drop-off your parcels, securely, without you being there in person. Typical examples include sheds, greenhouses or porches. 
You can select your ‘safe place’ via the Hermes App by entering your tracking number, choosing the ‘divert’ option and selecting your preferred ‘safe place.’ In order to make this easier, Hermes has provided a dropdown list of ‘safe place’ options for you to choose from.  Alternatively, your ‘safe place’ can be saved in the ‘My Places’ area of the App. 
Finding your tracking number is easy; a link to this will be provided on your order tracking confirmation from Hermes.

Hermes Automatic delivery to a safe place

If a safe place hasn’t been chosen through the Hermes App, but there is somewhere safe to deliver the parcel, Hermes will leave it there - even if there’s someone in the property. Hermes will take a photo, which will be included in the delivery notification email.

No safe place? Steps Hermes couriers are taking to avoid contact

If there is no safe place to deliver, the Hermes courier will knock on the door and step back. When you answer they will ask for your name to ensure a safe delivery, but you will not be asked to sign on the handheld device. If there is no answer, Hermes will re-attempt delivery on a different day.

Arranging a courier collection

You can still arrange a collection of your items through the Hermes App, please specify your safe place and leave your parcel there. The courier will then be able to collect your parcel. If you don’t specify a safe place, or a safe place isn’t available, the Hermes courier will knock on your door, and step back 2 steps to allow you to place the parcel on your doorstep. After you’ve done so, please take two steps back or close the door to ensure a contact-free collection.
For the latest information please visit:

Furniture Deliveries and Collections

How are you ensuring safety when delivering 2-person items?

To ensure the safety of our delivery drivers and customers during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), we’ve made some changes to the way larger items are delivered.

1.  We’ll unpack assembled and upholstered items (if you’d like us too) and take away the packaging. We’ll place the items in a room of your choice and will also fit the feet to sofas and armchairs (excluding Scotland due to current restrictions).

2.  Our drivers will be wearing face protection and will always stay 2-metres away from you. They may politely ask you to step back a bit if necessary, please don’t take offence, this is to keep everyone safe and we hope you will understand.

3.  The driver will sign for your delivery and take an image of the item to confirm your delivery and/or collection has been successful.

When will my furniture be delivered?

If your item(s) is in stock immediately, you’ll be able to select a delivery date at the time of placing your order. We’ll aim to deliver as soon as possible, but the earliest available date could be up to 2 weeks away. If your item(s) are not in stock, we’ll contact you once they are available. You’ll receive an email and or/text containing a link to our booking system where you’ll be able to choose a suitable date for your delivery. We will send you a notification 3 days prior to your delivery date and a reminder the day before with a 2 hour window so that you can better plan your day.

Will you still be providing an assembly service? 

We are unable to offer an assembly service at this time, this is to reduce the amount of time our teams and customers are spending in close contact. 

I’m currently self isolating or a member of my household is suffering from the Coronavirus; can you still make the delivery?

To protect the safety of our customers and delivery teams alike, we are currently unable to deliver to households who are isolating from Coronavirus for any reason. If this affects your delivery please let us know by calling us on 0333 777 8999* and we'll be happy to keep your delivery until a suitably safe time.

*For call charges contact your service provider.

Financial Difficulties  

If you're experiencing financial difficulties we want to help. Free, independent debt advice is available. Information on dealing with financial difficulties during Coronavirus, and details of other organisation that offer support, can be found at the following websites;

If you are experiencing temporary financial difficulties due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we may be able to offer an Emergency Support Plan.

If you are eligible, an Emergency Support Plan will be set for 3 months, with a minimum payment of £1 per month. We are sorry but we are unable to accept payments below £1 per month.

To be eligible, your account must not;

      - be on a Reduced Payment Plan with Next already (this is different to an Emergency Support Plan)

      - have defaulted, and you must not have been issued a Default Notice

To request support with payments, please go to the “Contact Us” section and complete an email form using the enquiry option of Covid-19 Request payment support”.

If you're not eligible, other forms of assistance may be available. You can email our Collections team at “Contact Us” using the enquiry option of "Financial Difficulties” or call us on 0333 777 8180*. Our opening hours are; Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5pm.

If you have already set up an Emergency Support Plan which is due to end soon, and you're still experiencing financial difficulties, please go to the “Contact Us” section and complete an email form using the enquiry option of “Covid-19 Request payment support”. The online form contains details of the options available. We will also contact you by email or post before the end of your current plan to advise you of the options available.

Once we receive your completed form, we will deal with your request and send an email confirmation back to you. If we are unable to process your request, we may need to speak to you to discuss your options.

Important Information about our Emergency Support Plan

Interest will continue to be charged at your standard rate.

As interest is charged, and you'll pay less than your normal minimum payments during the plan term, your account balance will increase during the plan term. This means your normal minimum payments may be higher when the plan ends, resulting in increased costs in the longer term. If you can afford to make your payments, please do so.

This plan will not be reported to Credit Reference Agencies as an 'arrangement'.

The arrears status of your account at the start of the Plan will continue to be reported to Credit Reference Agencies during the plan. Other lenders may take other information into account when making lending decisions, including information provided by you or obtained from your bank

You will not be able to place orders using your Next credit account during the plan.

When the plan ends, you must make at least one normal minimum monthly payment and receive one further account statement before orders can be placed.

Please consider this information before entering into this plan and only use it if you need immediate and temporary support. Please don’t cancel or reduce your payments until your plan is confirmed.

*for call charges contact your service provider.

Still have questions?

You can call us on 0333 777 8000* between 9am to 8pm, 7 days a week.  You can also use our chat service or email us by clicking here

*For call charges contact your service provider.