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From top left:
1. Scion Living At Next Mr Fox Runner 
2. Scion Kelda Wallpaper
3.Scion Stipa Wallpaper
4. Scion Living At Next Kochi Cut Velvet Cushion
5. Set of 2 Scion Living At Next Framed Prints
6. Scion Genki Wallpaper
7. Scion Cedar Wallpaper
8. Scion Ranni Rug

Playful colour palettes will make any space pop. Retro-inspired geometric and abstract leaf prints will complement both living rooms and bedrooms alike. 

Add a little character to breakfast with Scion’s iconic orange Mr Fox who’s been a brand favourite since the beginning. Lovers of animal print will adore the Lionel Leopard range. 

Easy updates like switching up your cushions and curtains are an affordable and stylish way to refresh your space. We’re loving zesty yellow summer tones and on-trend abstract face prints.